About Urban Blend

Hi there! My name is Hailey and I am the owner and operator of all things Urban Blend. Some personal info about myself, is that I never felt like I had one true style or aesthetic, I like a little of it all! I wanted to create a place for people like me, who can enjoy a little of everything. I call it modern moderation:)  I have struggled with many things throughout my life and through the Goodness of God I have found comfort, peace, and confidence which never seemed possible. I have felt called to share the love of God in my own non-conventional, but also something that people wear everyday.. clothes! The mission of Urban Blend is to inspire comfortable and confident conquerors by offering classic clothing pieces and inspiration that will give you comfort and thus confidence. Because when you feel good, you look good! Clothes are a huge part in our everyday lives, Urban Blend has pieces that you can wear all day, any day for your everyday life. Made for the people who don't know what their holds, for those who have a plan but welcome the unexpected, our clothes will be there for it all and hopefully will be one less stress in your life. Our easy to wear and style pieces make it easier to make outfits and wear them long hours. Focused on essentials that build on each other, our pieces can be worn alone or layered with others! Our entire store is mix and match, the possibilities are endless with a mix classic and trendy colors, styles, and fitsI hope you feel the love and light of God through me, the company, and the clothing:)